Best calcium diet to follow for the health of the baby during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the significant time for woman to consume calcium in order to sustain the needs of the developing baby. Woman who is carrying needs to take lot of care regarding her health and the baby who is going through certain stages of development. If you are pregnant then it is significant to have calcium in diet to let the baby build strong bones, nerves, healthy heart beat, strong teeth and muscles to be free from complications.

If there is no enough calcium taken in diet at the time of pregnancy later the baby will get it from bones which might affect your health later. Actually, a pregnant woman requires over 18: 1,000 mg of calcium in a day and below pregnant there is need of 18: 1,300 mg of calcium. It is more important to concentrate on calcium intake as this strengthens the bones of the baby in the womb and besides helpful later in life.

Functions of calcium on body

As calcium is the most required nutrient for the body and the most abundant mineral, it is found in foods and medicines which are required for vascular contractions, nerve transmission, hormonal secretion, muscle function and vasodilation. It is mainly important for pregnant mistress to clot blood normally and to have proper functioning of muscles. The best source of calcium is dairy products which are considered as the top source by dieticians. You need to take all product many times in a day which has calcium in it.

If there is deficiency of calcium in the endomorph then there are chances to get osteoporosis in future which can diminish the health like the bones keeping you at risk. If there is any trouble to have calcium rich foods then you can consult your dietitian and take calcium supplements in doses in the form of medicines. But taking in a natural way has something good realization on the mother and the baby in a healthy way.

Best sources of calcium

Calcium is the must have mineral and is considered important to eat in small servings. The best sources are hard and cottage cheese, milk, yoghurt, green vegetables, spinach, tofu, cereals, soya milk, kale, buttermilk, brazil nuts, Almonds, sardines and salmons and else dairy products. Other than this, you tin take calcium fortified juices with meals that maintain balance of calcium in diet.

In what way does calcium helps the body?
Calcium helps the body in all ways for every mistress in their normal cause rather when they are in the stage of pregnancy. It is necessary to protect et al preserve the bones of the baby and it is essential to take calcium during every trimester of expectant period. From the below given sources of calcium you can understand in what way is it helpful to the body.

Calcium helps the body with:
* Squeezing and relaxing muscles
* Maintains common kernel beat
* Sending and receiving nerve signals
* Discharges hormones and other chemicals in the body
* Clots blood
* Maintains alkaline et cetera acid balance in the stream of blood.