7 Day Healthy Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Quasi the authors state, using this power supply healthy balanced diet for 7 day, you clear your body of toxins, stimulate the work of the intestine, increase the levels of vitamins, stabilize blood sugar in the blood and also lose about 8 pounds.

This 7 day healthy diet plan contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, high in fiber which stimulates digestion, accumulate fat burning and cleans the intestines regarding harmful products of metabolism

Balanced rules of healthy eating:

During the week you should drink at least 2 liters of flexible each day.
Before going to bed, you need to drink a glass of nonfat yogurt.

Prohibited products:

Fatty meats et sequens meat products,
White bread plus confectionery products,
Pasta and cereals (except oats)
Fat milk, cottage cheese, yogurt,
Sugar and sweets,

Recommended products:

Non-fat meat, chicken, fish,
Vegetables and fruits,
Skim milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese,
Bread grain,
Vegetable oil (sunflower corn, olive);

Get start with 7 Day Healthy Eating Plan to bring your body back onto the track to have slim and sizzling shape.

Day 1

Breakfast – half a grapefruit, sprinkled with cinnamon, a piece about cheese, rye crackers, tea without sugar.
Lunch – vegetable soup, boiled chicken breast (100 g), carrot salad with oil corn, a glass of prune juice.
Snack – tumbler of natural yogurt with honey (1 tablespoon).
Dinner – Oats (with water) with dried or fresh fruit, 1 cup of yogurt.

2nd day

Breakfast- (kiwi, banana, raspberry) with natural yogurt.
Lunch – vegetable soup with crackers, salad (avocado, tomato, cucumber, lettuce leaves with lemon juice and olive oil) and fresh peach.
Snack – pekoe (1 cup).
Dinner – boiled dap (100 g), boiled potatoes, boiled zucchini with olive oil (100 g), tea.

Day 3

Breakfast – strawberries (100 g) fresh orange juice.
Lunch – vegetable soup, 2-3 boiled potatoes satiety beside tuna, cottage cheese and sweet corn, 2 healthy tomatoes, 5-6 fresh plums.

Snack – fresh fruit puree with inherent yogurt.
Dinner – boiled chicken (100 g), boiled brown rice (50 g), fresh vegetable salad and a glass of warm milk.

Day 4

Bed and Breakfast – muesli (30 g) with fat-free milk, fresh fruit, coffee.
Lunch – vegetable soup, boiled chicken, coleslaw and cucumber with fresh vegetable oil and lemon juice, juice apple (1 glass).
Snack – fresh citrus salad.
Dinner – oatmeal among honey and a piece of cheese, yogurt (1 glass).

5 Days

Bed and Breakfast – salad of pears, apples, bananas with yogurt, crackers, coffee.
Lunch – vegetable soup, cauliflower and strawberries nonfat milk.
Snack – sandwich: brown bread with salad and orange pieces avocado juice (1 cup).
Dinner – 2-3 apples and natural yogurt, a piece of cheese, rye crackers, tea.

6 Days

Bed connective Breakfast – Grilled and roasted tomatoes sprinkled with parsley or celery, tea with honey bread.
lunch – fish soup with vegetables, rye crackers, beef stew liver (100 g) by garnish of cooked beets, tomato juice (1 cup).
Snack – muesli with natural fat yogurt.
dinner – cooked liver (150 g), boiled potato land (. 2 spaces), 2 tomatoes, tomato juice (1 cup).

7 Days

Breakfast – a piece of ham, tomato, pineapple (100 g) hot milk (1 cup).
Lunch – vegetarian vegetable soup with low fat sour cream, fish stew (100 g), topped with boiled beans and lettuce leaves, 2 apples.
Snack – a glass of fruit juice.
Dinner – cooked (150 g) salmon, coleslaw with olives with lemon juice, kiwi fruit and tea.

Remember to consult your sawbones before using any regarding these plans daily diet to lose weight. As this 7 day healthy diet plan is certified by the hardiness expert and authentic physicians; but somehow before successive this 7 day healthy eating plan be sure to consult your en famille doctor.

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