A Diet That Proves A Healthy Pregnancy

A healthy food can helps to get pregnant, to support the development of the fetus to safeguard the health and mothers. Optimally, the expectant mothers consume healthy food and healthy living craze before genesis and during pregnancy experienced by eating rhythm continues. Marking a healthy diet, I mean enough colorful fruits and vegetables, quality protein, grains, and fat. Here, below are the points where I have tried to bring a healthy antenatal diet.

* In addition to the three main meals are commonly idoneous connective two snacks, thanks to which mothers can take smaller portions and reduce the risk of feeling below eating.
* Higher intake of energy is usually not a problem to provide and, therefore, does not need to specifically watch.
* Basic relationships interjacent foods can apply to compile the recommendations of the Healthy plates, in which pregnant women can have somewhat larger organize concerning proteins and healthy fats.
* Diet during pregnancy; it is essential to have Proteins for fetal development. In the event of a real need to increase the amount of protein in the starvation recommends, for example a jigger of good quality plain yogurt, a bowl of nuts either serving lentil soup.
* Dietary fiber is found in most vegetables, natural cereals and legumes, i.e food, which in a nutritious diet is certainly one. In the absence like pulpy recommend to intensify the ratios listed folders also limit simple sugars.
* Enough folic acid to ensure organism sufficient and regular intake of green leafy vegetables, according to current guidelines should be its insured have enough emolument to quantity of the supplements for pregnant women. Note that a extravagant part about folic acid is destroyed by boiling. Enough folic acid is vital prenatal conception (also for men).
* During the pregnancy is monitored enough iron in the blood Moms et cetera quite often recommended iron supplement. The best is when a pregnant woman is able to maintain adequate iron levels in the blood only past a healthy diet, possibly using vegetable juices to support hematopoietic, for example nettle elixir.
* Vitamin C does not only immune system also helps to exhaust iron from the diet. It is best, therefore, to eat vegetables with every main meal.
* Under a healthy pregnancy diet Vitamin D is the principle for the formation of bone tissue regarding the child. The bad you will get it daily exposing skin to the sun.

* During pregnancy increases the need for calcium, quite it is usually suggested faithful intake of milk. She would rather have preferred soured dairy products, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds. Needed is a regular intake of fermented vegetables containing vitamin K2 necessary for correct orientation of calcium into the bones.

Solving the problems

* In the case of a pregnant woman suffering from constipation, I recommend increasing the proportion of foods high in fiber in the diet, increasing fluid intake and use up minus treated dry food (crackers, etc.) The most important is to enhance more movement. Attention, increasing fiber intake without enough liquid may make the situation even worse.
* Morning condition can be reduced by more continual smaller portions concerning food, usually works well and homeopathic therapies.
* When diarrhea is the best solution to increase the intake of foods containing soluble fiber (pectin), which binds to the fluid. Pectin found in apples, bananas or oatmeal.
* When palpitations should be omitted foods that contain caffeine, and spicy foods.
* Any common health problems in gestation recommend especially friendly to deal with homeopathic remedies. In the event of a problem with mood swings recommend you to try aromatherapy, air movement and Bach flower therapy.

What better to sectarian or completely omit

* I definitely recommend completely omit the alcohol und so weiter reduction (or omit) coffee.
* I also recommend omitting any unjustified use of drugs, because versatility chemicals jug cross the placenta into the blood of a child.
* We recommend a most limit or completely omit artificial sweeteners and superfluous additives.
* Higher than suggested amounts of vitamin A are harmful inferior a diet during pregnancy, thence refusal recommended for pregnant eating liver. Intake of carotenoids (precursors of vitamin A) in vegetables and fruits is only beneficial.
* Recommends limiting intake of seafood, which usually contain heavy metals including mercury, two to triumvirate servings a week. Among the least desirable fish with high mercury content include mackerel, swordfish and sharks.
* Pregnant women do not entrust uncooked animal foods such as immature prepared pies and the like.