10 Top Health Benefits of Including Garlic in Daily Diet

The pungent smell notwithstanding, garlic adds great flavor to some food and is super nutritious for a trim body. Native to central Asia, garlic belongs to the onion genus, Allium. It is related to onion, chive, shallot, rakkyo et alii leek.

Garlic has been used since ancient times for its medicinal qualities and culinary properties. It is a staple ingredient and used widely in Asian cuisine and Mediterranean diet for flavoring dishes.

In fact, cooking Indian curries is incomplete without flavoring them with garlic. Let’s have a look at some of benefits of garlic:

1. Cures bacterial infections

Garlic boasts of anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Consuming garlic raw or using it in meals is known to prevent the growth of viral, bacterial, yeast, and fungal infections. It treats food poisoning by killing bacteria. Garlic more works wonders for treating weal passage and cold.

2. Anti-inflammatory

Garlic is an amazing herb for fighting various allergies. It boosts the release of body to fight against allergies. It boasts of anti-inflammatory properties that help lower itching that happens due to bug bites and rashes.

3. Remedy for skin infections

Suffering from ringworm? Utilize garlic. This wonderful herb contains a element called ajoene that participate prevent and doctor fungal vellum infections such as ringworm and athlete’s foot.

4. Lowers cholesterol

This pungent smelling herb is extremely beneficial for plebeians suffering from high cholesterol problems and high blood pressure. Taking garlic helps reduce diastolic blood pressure, improve blood lipid levels, and improve blood antioxidant potential.

In other words, garlic helps prevent the formation of arterial plaque and brings cholesterol down (LDL- bad cholesterol). In addition, it also helps bring hypotension pressure down and is highly recommended for people suffering from hypertension.

5. Heart firm food

Garlic is great for your cardiovascular health. The presence of sulphur-containing compounds in garlic prevents the blockage of blood vessels and hardening of the arteries. Ajoene present in garlic also helps in preventing blood clotting. For your heart health, consume garlic. It prevents heart disease.

6. Prevents cancer

Garlic contains allyl sulphides that is known to prevent multitudinal types of cancer. People who engross garlic in their daily meals or rust it raw at least twice a week, include less chances of developing lung cancer as compared to those who don’t take garlic at all.

Besides garlic contains organo-sulfur compounds that prevent brain cancer and meninges tumor.

7. Improve iron metabolism

The look of Diallyl sulphides in garlic improve iron metabolism by raising production from ferroportin – a protein known to aid in ferriferous absorption.

8. Combat respiratory ailments

Daily intake of this herb helps prevent and treat respiratory tract infections such thus asthma, and habituated bronchitis.

9. Prevent osteoarthritis

People who take diets that are rich in allium vegetables like garlic, shallots and onion accept less chances of developing osteoarthritis. Women especially who don’t consume vegetables are more prone to developing osteoarthritis in the hip joint.

10. Additional benefits

Consuming garlic helps in regulating blood sugar levels and is helpful for diabetic patients. Besides garlic is known to have aphrodisiac properties. It also helps relieve pain because of toothache.

Garlic is one wonderful herb that not helps medication common cold but prevent serious problems such as high cholesterol and various types of cancer. It is a heart healthy food that reduces cholesterol, treats sore throat, treats various infections and lots more. Consume garlic. It is great for your health.